Jef Barbara gives away free Cocaine

Jef Barbara gives away free Cocaine Cocaine’s bad and evil kids and If you clicked on this hoping for piles of white powdered peps, then give yourself a slap. If however you’ve come for the decidedly un-sinister charms of Jef Barbara – a man who probably doesn’t have an evil bone in his body then that’s all good and your reward for a clean living lifestyle is a Barbara’s latest record for free – a remix E.P alongside DannielRadall where the spirit of Miami Vice is channelled through a whole load of angst and reverb. Just follow this link.

In related Jef Barbara news check out his Flashdance meets electric dreams trans-fantasy video for ‘Sébastien’ which is charming and yet also slightly unsettling, as well as a video for the DannielRadall remix of ‘Cocaine Love’ which is freakin’ psychedelic.