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Jimmy Edgar turns Magenta

Jimmy Edgar turns Magenta Jimmy Edgar will release a new album in May, his first in nearly in two years. Magenta will be released on Hotflush, the Berlin based label operated by Paul Rose, aka Scuba, and is made up of 11 distinct manifestos. Inspired by Edgar’s recent explorations of “.. transcendental meditation and the boundaries of the non-physical” Magenta is some of his most futuristic work to date with nods to luminaries such as Derrick May and Juan Atkins.

01 Too Shy
02 This One’s For The Children
03 Take Me On A Sex Drive (feat. A11A)
04 Indigo Mechanix (3D)
05 Attempt To Make It Last
06 Let Yrself Be
07 Touch Yr Bodytime
08 Hrt Real Good
09 I Need Your Control
10 Heartkey
11 In Deep

Published March 09, 2012.