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Jokers of The Scene: “Black Mountie”

Los Angeles is a city made for surreal, late-night adventures, but when you’re cruising with Jokers of The Scene, every night is an adventure. Or not; we’ve never even met the guys, so we can’t say for sure, but one thing we do know is that we love their their latest video. ‘Black Mountie’ is an acid-washed journey through LA in search of a missing cat, with heavy doses of neo-noir and an atmosphere David Lynch would feel right at home in:

“The video came about during a dark and rainy night in LA as the dystopian side of Los Angeles played the perfect backdrop to the search for our lost cat,” says DJ Booth. “The dream-like state pays homage to the old Canadian late-night television series ‘Night Drive’ and the grindhouse road films of the ’70s.”

Published March 05, 2012.