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Jonny Teardrop drops tearful EP

Published on January 30, 2012 12:47 Berlin Time

Jonny Teardrop drops tearful EP We’ve been anxiously awaiting the new release from our boy Jonny Teardrop, and now the wait is over. The Parisian synthcultist has released his EP X X, six tracks of raw and nasty sounds; don’t expect straightforward mayhem, however. The title track, for example, is slow, gentle strumming and unaltered vocals (before they dissolve into sonic wash, that is) backed only by the buzz of amplifiers and a faint echoing wail, while ‘Scar’ swaggers with the hard-cock-in-tight-jeans ego of the sleaziest garage rock. Along with elements of experimental industrial, beach rock, and minimal wave, it’s a brief slice of diverse evil on the way to the grave. We highly recommend that you head over to Jonny’s bandcamp now and snag this one, and be sure to check out his other releases as well!