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Junior Boys tell us It's All True

Published on March 11, 2011 12:02 Berlin Time

Junior Boys tell us It's All True

Junior Boys will be releasing their fourth album this Summer, entitled It’s All True. The album features nine tracks of which you can hear one already off of the LP called ‘ep’.

Their last album Begone Dull Care was released in 2009 to a mixed reception, but we’ve yet to see a true return to form for the Canadians Jeremy Greenspan & Matt Didemus. Not since their sophomore So This Is Goodbye in 2006 and the brilliant tunes ‘Teach Me How To Fight’ or ‘Three Words’ on 2004’s Last Exit, have we seen Junior Boys climb those epic electro-pop heights.

Still, the initial taster ‘ep’ sounds very promising, tinkering keys and a killer chorus to boot.

If you enter your email address at this website you will receive a free MP3 of the track ‘ep’. Nothing else is known about the LP as yet, so stay posted for more details.

Listen to ‘ep’ right here:

Junior Boys – ep by ObscureSound


1. Itchy Fingers
2. Playtime
3. You’ll Improve Me
4. A Truly Happy Ending
5. The Reservoir
6. Second Chance
7. Kick The Can
8. ep
9. Banana Ripple

Domino Records will release It’s All True on June 13th