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Keep Shelly In Athens weave haunting visions

Keep Shelly In Athens weave haunting visions When we first discovered Keep Shelly In Athens (while we were on tour in Athens, no less) we were bowled over by their syrupy, dreamlike music and vocals that spoke to us of high school memories and crisp autumn leaves. Their latest video for ‘Our Own Dream’ (taken from the EP of the same name) matches this aesthetic perfectly. Wistful gazes and washed-out, dreamlike imagery are the order of the day, equal parts soothing and subtly bleak. It’s yet another reason to fall in love with the Greek band, who’ll not only be re-releasing their first two EPs on Forest Family soon, but are also giving away tickets to their upcoming Coachella appearance. Check out their Facebook page for more info.

Published March 08, 2012.