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KEPP’s sound dress plays music

KEPP's sound dress plays music Crossing fields of creativity can result in a very exciting outcome, especially if you are speaking about combining arts with fashion and technology based on a simple thing: sound.

Budapest-based avant-garde fashion collective KEPP was founded two years ago, but have only recently received recognition for their exciting, creative approach where their vision extends beyond the boundaries of fashion – they get inspiration from the world of arts and design and music. As their latest special project they teamed up with media designer László Kiss of Kitchen Budapest and Eduárd Sik IT designer of Fablab Budapest to create an experimental, live sound installation.

The concept of a “noisy coat” is based on the endeavour to create a synergy of fashion and various related fields. As a first step, characteristic sound sources from the KEPP team’s showroom has been recorded, such as a sewing machine clicking, scissors’ sharp metallic cutting noise , a steamer’s whistle, subtle paper tossing sounds or the ringing doorbell. On the second level, a motion detection system has been built into the special dress with several textile sensors in the lining driven by a customised software, so the performer can “play” the sounds while she is dancing. There is no choreography, it’s an improvisation of the performer, and finally the random sounds create a floating atmosphere.

The sound dress was showcased at Budapest Design Week last year and got invited to other art events including international exhibition of Artmuse in Germany.

You can see the dress in action:

Published September 14, 2011.