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Lana Del Rey’s Anthem is out now

Lana Del Rey's Anthem is out now Lana Del Rey. You can smell the overkill. She’s everywhere, has too many fans on facebook, is in bed with a major record label and all the buzz is based around just three tracks and two videos. Her Berlin concert was like Odd Future teaming up with Madonna. Too crowded and beyond reality. That’s why we love her.

2012 will be the year we say goodbye to the post WW2 lifestyle. Goodbye to neo-liberalism. Goodbye to a lot of companies we grow up with (Kodak, General Motors and United Airlines). Thank god there’s Lana. Someone who knows their past but is also building a poppy, solid bridge to the second decade of the 21st century. Lana we need you.

In fact we are counting the days until January, 30th when her album will appear. Until then Lana will release some tracks in advance. The latest is called ‘National Anthem’ and we’re a bit confused. It has nothing to do with the same song by Radiohead. There’s some strange rap going on with deep 90’s beats, but we are sure we will get used to it. On a side note: beautiful Lana also got signed to a model agency. But that’s not important. What is important are her tunes. Give it a try here.

Published January 05, 2012.