Lemonade’s ‘Beverly Hills Cop III’ cover is a refreshing glass of tropicult groove

Lemonade's 'Beverly Hills Cop III' cover is a refreshing glass of tropicult groove Lemonade deserve way more recognition than they’ve received, and we think this is gonna give it to them. We’ve watched the San Francisco (now New York City) based group rise into the tropical house monsters they are today, and knowing their sense of humor, we weren’t surprised that they covered a track from Beverly Hills Cop III. What’s surprising is that, despite how cheesy and bad such a cover could be, Lemonade have made something so strong, that goes beyond it’s origins to become one of the best underground pop songs we’ve heard all year. No smug wink of irony here; their cover of Shai’s ‘The Place Where You Belong’ is heartfelt and real, a true modern re-envisioning with just the right amount of early ’90s flavor. Download it below.