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LiL JaBBA makes feet werk

LiL JaBBA makes feet werk I first learned of LiL JaBBA via my friend Venus, the fast-rising NYC promoter responsible for the amazing GHE20 GOTH1K parties. His sinister juke stylings had me spazzing fairly quickly, elements of world music mixed with jittery beats chopped and reworked into something from the underworld of sound. The Australian native, real name Alexander Shaw, recently relocated to Baltimore and begin dropping new tracks almost immediately. Here’s his two most recent: the bass-heavy poisonous swagger of ‘MaSTeR.KeY’ struts amidst shotguns and trippy, post-tribal beats, while ‘LoTuS.’ is a Far East-flavored wounder that drips with elegant thuggery.



Published July 26, 2011.