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Listen to new Zomby tracks ‘Darkness 93’ and ‘Untitled 777’

Listen to new Zomby tracks 'Darkness 93' and 'Untitled 777' Twitter, such an enjoyable medium (as long as you can keep track with all the tweets people drop, especially if some of them tend to stay idle for a while and then tweet lots of 140 character messages at once). Earlier today we came across this tweet by Zomby, who turned to using Twitter much more in recent time:

New rare Zomby jungle DAT from late ’93? We’d love to listen to that“, we thought. And by the end of the day it seems as if we actually can do so now. Zomby released two new tracks via Twitter, both being prettystraightforward jungle tracks – loving ’em both. No word though if these have been taken from that DAT mentioned above, but still … Listen to the two new Zomby cuts ‘Darkness 93’ and ‘Untitled 777’ below.

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Published March 08, 2012.