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Listen to Nina Kraviz’s debut full-length

In early 2011 we reported on Nina Kraviz‘s debut album for the first time when we met up with the Russian producer and DJ for a video interview in Berlin.

Talking perfection and distortion, intuition and originality, Nina gave an outlook on her debut full-length on MattRadio SlaveEdwards‘ and James MastersRekids label – and the record’s finally being released this month.

Besides her textured instrumental prodcutions, the self-titled album sees Kraviz using her voice multiple times: “The voice is really important in all the sounds that I’m working on. (…) It’s a tool and at the same time an instrument. (…) Call it what you want, but (my voice) is my favorite instrument.

Kraviz continued: “The album should meet standards of sounding, making it sound good when listening to it in the car as well as the club” – find out for yourself on February 27 when Rekids is releasing the CD and 12″ vinyl to the public. Until then, listen to snippets from Kraviz’s debut below, or stream the full record over at RA. Also, have a look at the above mentioned Slices interview with Nina Kraviz, grab the upcoming issue of Groove magazine, and get pumped about catching up with her at one of these club nights. ?? ?? ????? ????? – ???? ??????, ?? ???????????!

Published February 22, 2012.