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Listen to six new songs by Apparat

Listen to six new songs by Apparat So the new Apparat album ‘The Devil’s Walk’. We covered this quiet a lot lately, didn’t we?! Yes, indeed! So without further ado: here are 6 new songs plus the three (‘Song of Los’, ‘Black Water’, ‘Ash / Black Veil’) you already know for you to listen to until we return with our in-depth review of the Mute Records released album. Don’t forget to catch up with Apparat Band live all over Europe, especially at Electronic Beats Festival Budapest on October 28th (RSVP here).

01. Sweet Unrest

02. Song Of Los

03. Black Water

04. Goodbye

05. Candil De La Calle

06. The Soft Voices Die

07. Escape

08. Ash / Black Veil

09. A Bang In The Void

10. Your House Is My World

11. The World Around You

The full album ‘The Devil’s Walk’, out this friday September 23rd, can be pre-ordered via Mute Records.

Published September 20, 2011.