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Made in Czechoslovakia

Published on November 11, 2011 13:16 Berlin Time

Made in Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia may have finished on December 31, 1992, but the name still bears credibility in the world of film, architecture and applied art. Products, buildings and various ephemera created in the former Central European country between its establishment in 1918 until its demise in the early nineties can be seen in the budding online archive of this era.

Divided in various categories – be it advertising, posters, photography, fashion or matchbox labels, the archive presents a noteworthy compendium of visual stimuli remarkable not only for their sentimental value but also its prevailing aesthetic qualities. Whether you are into Meopta cameras, cubist architecture, socialist realist propaganda posters or bakelite table lamps, this is the place to start to investigate. The archive is open to user submissions, so if you have some visual treasures from this period, you can make it become a part of the archive.

And here is something for those interested in the music officially made in the former Czechoslovakia.