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Marcel Dettmann ‘Conducted’ a new mix

Marcel Dettmann 'Conducted' a new mix Mix CDs aren’t necessarily the most important format in times of digital mixes and podcasts. Still, a good mix gives a better insight into an artist’s record collection, his or her current taste, mood and personal influences perhaps even more so than an album. Marcel Dettmann suits the mix CD format pretty well, as his club sets as a resident DJ at Berghain usually tend to go for hours and still have a unique power, structure and dramatic composition. We were more than pleased when his new mix CD Conducted hit the EB office today, especially as Dettman has slowed down his release schedule since the release of his album Dettmann in 2010, putting out two singles since then.

For the Conducted release on Music Man Records, Dettman has now compiled 18 hard, dark and blistering techno and bass tracks for a 70 minute mix. The tracklist sees his comrades Shed, Signal (Raster-Noton artists Nicolai, Bretschneider, Bender) and Redshape from Berlin as well as British duo Sandwell District, legends such as Lebanese producer Morphosis and Reel By Real, and of course some fresh music by people like Roman Lindau (Fachwerk), O/V/R (Blueprint) and Answer Code Request. But: no new Dettmann track. We’ll just have to stick to this brilliant mix when it comes out on November 14th on CD and vinyl or turn to his single on OstGut.

Until then, here’s his totally different contribution (in terms of mood and tempo) to the oki-ni podcast series from April 2011 to listen to. Kind of ironic to end the article with this …

Marcel Dettmann – Conducted:
01. Sandwell District – Immolare (First)
02. Signal – Wismut
03. Roman Lindau – Sub Suggestion
04. Mono Junk – Channel B
05. Reel By Real – Sundog
06. Bluemoon Productions – Night
07. The Analogue Cops – Why You Love Me
08. Vril – V3
09. Milton Bradley – Don’t Phonk
10. Silent Servant – El Mar
11. Morphosis – Too Far
12. Redshape – The Lesson
13. Shed – Hello Bleep!
14. Cheeba Starks presents The Toupe Committee – GoGo Bop (A Trip To The Bodega)
15. O/V/R – Post-Traumatic Son (Ben Klock Wave Mix)
16. FBK – Nanomal
17. Answer Code Request – Escape Myself
18. Shed – 44A (Hard Wax Forever!)

Published September 28, 2011.