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Mark Reeder explores 5.1

Mark Reeder explores 5.1 Mark Reeder the Manchester born, Berlin based record producer and electronic music svengali who has had a hand in everything from Factory Records European exploration to discovering Paul van Dyke and popularising trance music has a new project called five point one. Featuring tracks from Depeche Mode, Bad Lieutenant (New Order), The Pet Shop Boys and Anne Clarke, Reed’s mixes have been completely rebuilt from the original stems in glorious 5.1 surround sound. In fact Reeder shares a co-writers credit on most of the cuts, having being involved in writing the tracks with the original artists. Eschewing the easy accessibility and (relatively) non-audiophile sound quality of digital format’s, five point one is only available at the moment on CD. Take a cursory listen below or listen to selected highlights here. We also recommend you immerse yourself in Reeder’s fantastic Electronic Beats Radio mix.

Published February 29, 2012.