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Markis Sage – Paper Boat Cassette

Published on January 5, 2012 11:36 Berlin Time

Markis Sage – Paper Boat Cassette In a world with the prospect of Rick Santorum becoming the next American president (it’s probably not going happen, but there still is a chance – at least Bachmann is out of the game) we all have the need for soulful tunes to cheer us up. Luckily Scandinavian Skweee has exactly that.

In December the newly formed project BMMB released Dirty Sounds as their personal version of modern soul and now, one month later, Markis Sage releases a mixtape, which will help you forget about the world around you.

The Paper Boat Cassette is an actual cassette limited to 100 copies which are all hand numbered and come with a full color packaging. And after the cassette is sold out, there even will be some vinyl. So go and get it here!