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Markus Popp is 'OvalDNA'-binding

Published on July 25, 2011 18:46 Berlin Time

Markus Popp is 'OvalDNA'-binding Markus Popp’s latest album under the moniker Oval – ‘O‘ –was only released in september 2010 via Thrill Jockey after a hiatus of nine years. Since then a number of new ambient / drone / abstract-formal-melodic-glitch / math-/micro-pop tracks must have been created as Popp is releasing a new album called OvalDNA later this year.

Whilst working with preset sounds only for the 70-track ‘O’ it is yet to be revealed what the musical material of OvalDNA consists of. A post on Oval’s Facebook page mentions a ‘lost tracks album plus X’ package though, hinting at a ‘previously unreleased plus best-of’ release.

Since these kind of releases usually come with a bitter aftertaste, let’s take a closer look at the product announcement shall we?

– OvalDNA will be a 2-disc album
Translation: It will contain 70 to 90 one and a half to three minute long tracks (some longer, some shorter) whose titles we won’t even remember, i.e.: “Track #65 is bloody massive …

– It will contain bonus tracks
Translation: There will be a digital release on iTunes and you will only be able to download the bonus tracks if you buy them with the album as a bundle, although you might already have purchased it on Compact Disc or maybe vinyl.

– It is supposed to be “more than a regular music CD”
Translation: the bloody ‘Enhanced CD‘ is back from its 1990s digital data storage grave, making us watch nice looking music clips made by Amber­ley Pro­duc­tions in iTunes on our desktop computer instead of just setting up a bloody website. HALLOO? What about MacBook Air or MacMini users??)

– OvalDNA is out in november 2011
Translation: That is quiet a long wait!

So these were the four OvalDNA fun facts with highly speculative interpretations, and although this might sound mean, we at the EB office would like to reassure you that we’re actually pretty excited to hear the full release and see Oval at Volksbühne Berlin on august 15th. So here’s a treat for you; the new Amber­ley Pro­duc­tion-directed music video for the first OvalDNA track – ‘Glass UFO’ looks like this: