Mash-Ups Of The Year

Mash-Ups Of The Year DJ Earworm returns with his annual mashup of the most popular tracks from the year, this time using Billboard’s weekly lists instead of the Top 25 chart. We’re still undecided on the mix. It feels a little over modulated, especially with some of the pitch adjustments at the beginning. But we would definitely say it’s an imporvement over some of his past efforts. His United States of Pop 2009 (Blame it on the Pop) will remain my favorite. 

Then there’s another audio-visual mix of music videos and news footage from the past year, made for Dutch channel Eclectro and put together by Renier Mouthaan. The mix gives you a good opportunity if you’re a bit behind on your music videos for 2011 or if you just want to revisit some memorable moments. We’re always impressed by the completionist impulse in this sort of work; it’s not the sort of thing we’d, uh, tackle. It may also be the only time Skrillex videos make it onto EB.