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Modeselektor’s Favorite Things

Modeselektor's Favorite Things Brown shoes and jumpsuits and caffeine – these are a few of Modeselektor‘s favorite things! The two German boys may be famed worldwide for their music, but they’re just people like you and I, and they like all kinds of stuff! Here six of those things; let’s find out a bit about them together!

1. Klettis Tramper
This vintage-style East German hitchhiker shoe is durable and comfortable, a timeless soft brown suede that’s perfect for any casual occasion….or performing live on stage as the internationally renowned Modeselektor?? HECK yes. You’re gonna FREAK OUT when you cram this shoe on your feet and jam out; go nuts in this brown shoe. Just wear it.

2. Adidas Torsion
Combining classic Adidas style with feet-based technology, the Adidas Torsion features just that: a torsion bar in the center designed to maximize comfort, and a mesh top to allow breathability. It’s probably the best-looking mesh top you’ll ever wear, unless you’ve got a cut gut, buff bro- which you just might after a sick workout in these bad boys.

3.Mechanics Overalls
The perfect uniform for being onstage? When you’re a sound mechanic, only one thing suits for a suit – mechanics’ overalls, natch! You can slip right into them, look super suave + productive, like a real working guy. Hey girls, where the heck are you gonna find a guy who probably knows how to fix your car? This dude right here, maybe. No need for undies in these bad boys; who even knows what’s going on underneath?? Just you, man. Just you. Mechanics overalls are the secretive, sexy couture for the man who knows what he wants: comfort, pizazz, and looking like a mechanic.

4. Korg Monotribe
Long considered the first and last name in sythesizers, Korg‘s latest gem is the Monotribe. A hybrid between the Monotron and Electribe, the Monotribe is an easily portable groovebox with a built-in sequencer and an analog drum section. Add a sturdy composition to the mix and you have a versatile tool that’s sure to become a personal favorite….especially if you’re Modeselektor!

5. Roland TR-909
The Japanese-made Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer is a part analogue, part sample-based drum machine, produced in a limited quantity of 10,000. Despite (or perhaps because of) its notably synthetic-sounding drum samples, it’s been used by many promininent and varied musicians including RZA, Daft Punk, Skinny Puppy…and of course Modeselektor?!? AAA!

6. Freshly ground coffee
Well…yeah! Who doesn’t love a nice cup of fresh-ground coffee in the morning? The aroma of beans filling the air, beany one-two punch right to the brain that gets your body ready for the grody pluge into the world outside. It decreases the risk of heart and liver disease, increases memory and physical performance, cures headaches, and restores appetite. You will literally be immortal if you drink coffee. Stick some ice in it and it’s the perfect summer drink. All this AND it’s a natural diaretic? Truly coffee is nature’s perfect medicine. Chug a mug, coffee compadre. It’s beantime.

Published October 04, 2011.