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Mr. Oizo returns with Stade 2

Published on October 31, 2011 12:52 Berlin Time

Mr. Oizo returns with Stade 2 Frenchman, film director and master of sick sounds Quentin Dupieux is back with his fourth album Stade 2. Although officially released in two weeks, as we all know, the internet can be much faster: The album just got leaked in 192 kbps… and so we gave it a listen. Even though we used to feel bad about listening to leaks.

What can we say? Oizo definetly has his own genre and as you may expect there is plenty of the usual weirdness. A charming, wild mix of organic and electronic sounds, synths, whacky samples and complex, funky rhythms. If you thought you had already heard everything, then listen to this and you’ll see there can be more. Lots more.

The album will be out on the November, 11th on Ed Banger Records.