New Actress and Panda Bear releases

New Actress and Panda Bear releases

We have some exciting new release news today, from two of electronic music’s interesting figures.

First up is Actress, the man behind Werk Discs and one of 2010’s best albums, Splazsh. Actress aka Darren Cunningham was one of 2010’s biggest stars, largely due to the aforementioned sequel to his 2008 debut Hazyville.

Cunningham has announced via his Twitter feed that he has numerous releases planned this year, including 2 albums (one on Honest Jon’s and the other on Werk), as well releases penciled in for Rush Hour and a remix for Panda Bear.

Which brings us nicely to our next bit of news, Panda Bear’s forthcoming album Tomboy on his own label Paw Tracks. Panda Bear is the alter ego of Animal Collective’s Noah Lennox, and his eagerly anticipated fourth album is a follow up to Pearson Pitch

Made up of releases from the last half 2010 on labels such as Domino, Paw Tracks and Fat Cat, the album will include revised version of these tracks, as well as new previously unreleased material.