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New Bullion album on its way

Published on February 10, 2011 13:18 Berlin Time
New Bullion album on its way

Back in 2007 a young Bullion released a mixtape called Pet Sounds: In The Key of Dee which immediately pricked the ears of many a taste-maker the world over who were rightly impressed by the young producers talents which saw him re-imagining both the Beach Boys and Dilla on one mixtape.

The following year he released ‘Get Familiar’ on One-Handed Music, which was one of the biggest tracks of the year, and leant a hand in shaping the then emerging beat scene. Since then Bullion has had a handful of critically acclaimed releases including the recen one-sided etched 12" ‘You Drive Me To Plastic’ on Young Turks.

Now he is preparing to release his debut album You Drive Me Plastic also on Young Turks. The nine track album looks set to be Bullion’s most experimental work to date and is another testament to the young producers versatility and diversity.

Here is a one of our favorite Bullion moments from the past.


01. Wrong Door In(tro)

02. Slight Jog In The Sky

03. Magic Was Ruler

04. Lol Express

05. Too Right

06. Spirit Mighty

07. Pressure To Dance

08. My Castle In England

09. Drive Me Out(ro)

Stream the track ‘Too Right’ on SoundCloud HERE

You Drive Me Plastic will be out April 25th on Young Turks.