New Chris Carter + Oneohtrix Point Never remix

New Chris Carter + Oneohtrix Point Never remix Chris Carter‘s The Spaces Between was re-released last year via Scotland’s finest imprint of forward-thinking sounds of the past – Optimo. Pre-dating much of the music it sounded like – ambient techno, electro and cold wave, the record was instrumental in bringing Carter’s name and Chris & Cosey to a new generation of fans. Subsequently performing with plethora of current artists Carter has also been closely linked to the utterly awesome Factory Floor. Now the track ‘Moonlight’ which was originally released in 1985, has been dusted off and re-released with remixes from the excellently named Neurotic Drum Band and Oneohtrix Point Never. Today it is the latter we have for streaming and very we excited we are too as OPN has turned the original’s techno leanings into a stunning drone masterpiece. Stream it below – the singe is out next month.

Chris Carter – Moonlight (Oneohtrix Point Never Version) by theQuietus