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New L-Vis 1990

New L-Vis 1990 L-Vis 1990 has slipped on a linen suit, pastel shirt and bad boy loafers ala Miami Vice for his latest single – ‘Lost in Love’. Featuring the vocal talents of Javeon McCarthy’ the single has a distinctly sunny, in-and-out of love vibe and is a perfect soundtrack to the dog days of summer. Backed up with remixes from Neon Dreams and the Night Slug All Stars, who go street-tuff with dub and vocal mixes, it remains to be seen what fans will make of Li-Vis’ new emo direction. ‘Lost in Love’ is certainly no ‘Apple Bass’ pt 2 that’s for sure. Check out the video below.

L-Vis 1990 will release his album Neon Dreams in October.

Published August 09, 2011.