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New Rune Lindbaek with free download

Published on February 22, 2011 14:58 Berlin Time
New Rune Lindbaek with free download

So the Norwegian invasion seems to have slowed in the last couple of years. With nu-disco (whatever that was) no longer being some kind of name-drop genre for the fly-by-nights (who have now moved on to future garage), the originators of a very Scandinavian take on disco can go back to beavering away in their cabins making fantastic music, untainted by the weight of expectation and genre restrictions. Not that they actually looked they bothered all that much about such things.

A prime example number arrived with us yesterday in the form of Rune Lindbaek’s latest effort for Swedish label DiscofilDiscofil Desperados presents: Rune Lindbaek.

Four edits that have been chopped (but not screwed) by the man with the friendliest face in dance music. So friendly in fact that if you follow this link you can download ‘Fotspur’ for free! Low slung with bags of funk and a serious groove, this is one you most definitely don’t want to miss.

Discofil Desperados presents: Rune Lindbaek is out on the 28th of february on Discofil.