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New Slices features online

Published on May 4, 2011 13:23 Berlin Time
New Slices features online

Our good friends at Slices just uploaded several new features of the current Slices DVD magazine. You can watch these clips right here in our TV section or over at Electronic Beat’s youtube channel.

The shares include a label feature about tastemaking Dutch techno imprint Rush Hour filmed in Amsterdam. Moreover there are new interviews with Dorian Concept from Vienna, MMM, Kangding Ray as well as a talk with Iftah Gabbai and Olaf Hilgenfeld aka Skinnerbox, who come out of the scene surrounding the Bar 25 and the Bachstelzen Parties. All well worth seeing, so don’t miss it!

You can also order Slices at the EB Shop. Since Slices is a free DVD magazine you only have to pay postage. If you want to go for the most comfortable option choose the yearly subscription which brings you four issues of Slices straight to your mailbox.