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Nguzunguzu make showtunes for Kenzo

Nguzunguzu make showtunes for Kenzo We have to hand it to Kenzo: they certainly have good taste. If we were soundtracking our latest fashion line (hypothesis only, don’t get excited) Nguzunguzu would easily be on our short list. The fashion label enlisted the LA duo to create a soundtrack big enough for the five-level Université Pierre et Marie Curie, where their latest Fall/Winter 2012 line would be showcased. Nguz know big, and they delivered with a nine-track mix comprised of tracks both old and new. We’ve been skipping back and forth on ‘Dolly HA’ for about an hour now and we’ll probably be coming back to it for the rest of the day. Style for days on this one.

Bells breath
Dolly HA feat. Dolly Parton
Pulse FM
Up N Down
No Harps
Visions of Completion
Brass Touch feat. Harry Belafonte
Water Bass Power

Published March 08, 2012.