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Okarola mashes DJ Koze with Radiohead & The Shining

Okarola mashes DJ Koze with Radiohead & The Shining Mashups, love ’em or hate ’em. Especially with this one, we’re in two minds. Okarola‘s latest mashup of DJ Koze‘s epic ‘Blume der Nacht’, Radiohead‘s ‘Creep’ and pictures from the movie The Shining is buzzing on blogs right now, and although this sounded great the first time around it’s now giving us the creeps here at the EB office.

Sure the pictures blend nicely with the melancholic Koze piece and the vocal stems from Thom Yorke might add to the general feeling. Then again listening to a heavily pitched and distorted Yorke vocal brings down the whole track’s mood. Ironically, Thom Yorke’s lyrics are summing the whole thing up: he doesn’t belong there.

Judge for yourself below or grab a free download of the piece over at Okarola’s SoundCloud. We’ll stick to the Koze original and the unofficial track imagery by Kanstrukt (see the bottom of this page) instead.

Photo: Screenshot YouTube

Published January 24, 2012.