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Orbital get wonky with Zola Jesus

Orbital get wonky with Zola Jesus The British live techno outfit Orbital are back with a new album, but it is not an excursion into Wonky hip hop or house as the title, er Wonky might lead you to believe. Not straying to far from their tried and tested template of emotional rave music for arenas and teenage hot boxes (Google it) the duo, made up of brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll, have enlisted the help of Zola Jesus and Lady Leshurr for vocal duties. Wonky will be the pair’s first album in over eight years. Paul has said of the album and his approach to music in general “”It has to give me butterflies. I have to make myself cry in the studio.” Wonky will be released in April. Thankfully, the cover art shown above is temporary…

You can download a free track, ‘Never’ below.

Published January 18, 2012.