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EB Magazine Spring 2013: Out today

Dave Gahan. Car Audio Bass. The Knife. Karl Bartos. Amanda Brown. Andrey A. Tarkovsky. Holly Herndon. Steven Levy. Sonic Boom. Roedelius. DJ Koze. Terre Thaemlitz. The Spring 2012 issue of Electronic Beats Magazine has arrived, and what an issue it is.

Readers Poll 2012- Best Venue –

Which venue floats your boat? Turns out it’s an actual boat, as in Budapest’s A38. Find out what other places our readers like to sweat and dance in the results of our poll for the year.

Electronic Beats Video Highlights 2012

2012 was an exciting year; from a New Order Exhibition to an exclusive Pet Shop Boys Show, we’ve done it all—and we even filmed most of it! This is an audiovisual journey, so let’s just drop some names and then lean back and watch: Squarepusher, Hot Chip, Dillon, Modeselektor, I Heart Sharks, Woodkid, Hudson Mohawke, … Continued

Eastern Haze: October

Riding in a train from Prague to Košice, Lucia Udvardyova reflects on new releases from labels Farbwechsel, Mik Musik!, Local Records and the polish music magazine Glissando.

Nicolas Jaar: An Interview

As one of the busiest summers of Nicolas Jaar’s career winds down, we took some time out with him backstage at the EB Festival Budapest to find out how he’s doing and what he’s been up to.

Junior Boys: Interview

Indie-informed and highly literate in electronic music, Junior Boys have mastered the art of courting critical praise and building up loyal fans on the ground. We spoke to them backstage at EB Festival Budapest to find out where exactly they go from here.

Interview: Mostly Robot

Mostly Robot isn’t your usual band. Instead, they were ‘curated’ by Native Instruments. We caught up with Jeremy Ellis, Jamie Lidell, Tim Exile, Mr Jimmy and DJ Shiftee backstage at Budapest’s Electronic Beats Festival to find out about their live show, what their future plans are and what their origin story means for the future of music.

Mostly Robot: five musicians, one sound

  Those loitering in the middle of the soul enthusiasts/gear geeks Venn diagram, your time to rejoice has come. Soul boy and sometime experimentalist Jamie Liddell has gone and formed a supergroup. Called Mostly Robot, the lineup also features four other likeminded sonic provocateurs including Warp’s Tim Exile, DMC champ Shiftee, MPC botherer Jeremy Ellis … Continued

EUShorts likes fashion and poetry short films

It’s always good to see devoted fans step forward and spread their love and passion, embracing the DIY ethos and starting promising projects on their own. Fortunately numerous creative endeavors have been born in Budapest’s underground culture (music, fashion, film) in the last years, one of them being EUShorts, a festival presenting the best of … Continued

Win tickets to Little Boots’ big shake

The British electro pop singer and producer Victoria Hesketh aka Little Boots returned with a new single ’Shake’ last November, two years after her succesful 2009 debut album Hands. The track got remixes from favorites of ours like Azari & III, and from Crazy P and Miracle. The 27-year old Little Boots is currently working … Continued

Malibu B makes his debut with Launch EP

If you hear the name Malibu, the image of enjoying the carefree life in the company of California girls and surfer dudes while the sun is sinking behind the Pacific ocean’s horizon instantly comes to mind. But sometimes it rains even in Southern California and that rare occurrence sets the tone perfectly for the debut … Continued

Discover The Edge of the dancefloor

Lately Budapest’s music scene welcomes an apetite for cooperation and the will to create new, underground community platforms which the city lacks. The crew behind recently-launched Budapest studio of international online radio network teamed up with enthusiastic local djs to put together a refreshing collaboration called The Edge. Started as an open-minded forum of … Continued

DJ Madd drops the bass

Former Hungarian drum & bass DJ DJ Madd has made it on to the Dubstepforum Awards 2012 shortlist in the Best Producer category. Three years ago he left his country to build up his music career and now he enjoys regular support from some of the scene’s best DJs. And after dozens of other releases … Continued

Electronic Beats – 2011 Review

Welcome to the final round up of the year as we take a look at what happened in the world of Electronic Beats over the last 12 months with change and rejuvenation, unforgettable live music experiences, and in depth cultural exchanges. 2011 began with a new outlook and a fresh perspective. In April our beloved … Continued

Jamie Woon – I get pretty emo sometimes

Jamie Woon is known for the incredible energy he puts into his live shows of super-charged soul. This was exactly the case at Budapest’s A38 Ship club when Jamie played there last weekend with the crowd at the sold out gig listening rapt to his deep, beautiful melodies, whispering the lyrics or screaming out as … Continued

La Petite Mort with Fine Cut Bodies

Attila Fodor, aka Fine Cut Bodies is one of the renowned veterans of the Budapest electronic music scene. With his label Chi Recordings he’s done much to shape audience taste into a deep and abstract form. He’s always everywhere, from tiny gigs to big festivals, in Hungary and beyond. You can also find him on … Continued

Lamb – From battleground to a new harmony

Last Sunday Lamb finished their 2011 tour with a highly anticipated, sold out Budapest gig. During their live act the audience was floating with the ethereally enchanting beauty and rocking on the floor at the same time; a good example of how bands should squeeze the power of their albums on stage. With great enthusiasm … Continued

Headshotboyz gets you into the glitch mood

Headshotboyz have always been a step ahead in the Budapest electronic music scene, with a refreshing, progressive approach. They first came to our attention when they were emerging with trial and errors of the new born fidget-house back in 2007-2008. And now we also should keep an eye on them because of the ‘post’ labeled … Continued

Interview: Roska

Roska has a simple but respected philosophy, that consists of only two terms: fun and music. Nothing else matters, whether he produces for his own label or for imprints like Scuba’s Hotflush or the Rinse family. Not only has Roska tags left an indelible mark on the UK bass scene with his cheerful and yet … Continued

The Glitch Mob “to play electronic music like a rock band”

Los Angeles is an adventurous melting pot for bass-oriented dance musicians. A decade after the Oliver Stone-directed Doors movie, the experimental desert trips seem to have a live revival. The Glitch Mob trio follow the legendary band into the nowhere to clear their mind for their upcoming album. Similar to their fellow producer Eskmo, they’re … Continued

Polyklinik debuts on Svetlana Industries

More dubstep from Hungary. Belgrade based Svetlana Industries has just released ‘The + EP’, an enigmatically titled new five track EP by Polyklinik. Matyas Lendvai, aka Polyklinik is an artist from Budapest who loves analogue synths and drum machines. According to the cryptic info on the site, this EP charts his progress from a more … Continued

Interview: Lunice “Sonar was really the epic moment”

Budapest’s Space Is Called parties always provide quality sounds from distinctive, up and coming beatmakers on the A38 ship upon the river Danube. Last time’s headliner Lunice from Glasgow’s Lucky Me imprint was fascinated by the glitch-hop, dub-step orientated sets local DJ Cadik. After he played, Lunice presented a live set that ended up as … Continued

Floex on Slavic mythology, dreams and music

It would be fair to say that Tomáš Dvo?ák, aka Floex, is one of a doyens of the Czech electronic scene. He started playing and composing 15 years ago combining his love for music with an affinity for visual arts and multimedia performance. A graduate of the Academy of Arts in Prague, Tomáš Dvo?ák has … Continued

Interview: DJ Palotai

Budapest’s electronic music scene undoubtedly wouldn’t be as colourful and diverse without DJ Palotai. Renown for starting ‘Tilos Az Á’, the most important underground club of the early 90’s in the post-communist era, he also co-founded ‘Tilos’ in 1991, the very first independent civil radio. DJ Palotai can be described as godfather of a subculture … Continued

Electronic Beats Festival Vienna 2011 in pictures

It’s Electronic Beats Festival season again, and boy are we busy these days. The EB Festival at Vienna’s Arena went down last Thursday (here’s our review). A thousand times thanks to everyone who came out to see Bon Homme, Crystal Fighters, The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble, Wolfram and Peaches DJ MCExtravaganza – here are some … Continued

Electronic Beats Festival Vienna 2011 in review

The cavernous Vienna Arena was the setting last night for an epic night of music and dancing. The old factory complex was the perfect venue for the latest edition of our beloved Electronic Beats Festival. As soon as the doors were open, Austrian euro dancer Wolfram was behind the decks and laying down discoid beats … Continued

New Headshotboyz track: Sweton

Hungarian producer duo Headshotboyz have always been a very distinctive part of Budapest’s electro scene. As a part of the Ektiv collective they were much into fidget sounds, and later Kristóf Ambrózy and Lajos Nádházi injected bass genres into their mix such as wonky, glitch and hip-hop, retaining their eccentric musical approach. After a pile … Continued

Couleur Locale: find your local designer!

Couleur Locale. Highlighting the local values Budapest’s annual design festival is set to take place between 30th of September and 9th of October with dozens of exhibitions, meet-ups and mustsee events. Beside presenting several interactive programmes like workshops, open studios, design tours to discover the best of local designers, the Budapest-based Design Week also features … Continued

ICR releases double album on Fokuz as a milestone in his music

Hungarian producer ICR, aka Zoltan Gal is inextricably linked to the underground electronic music scene of Budapest. As founder of ImpulseCreator he had a great influence on the Hungarian dnb scene, and his online magazine was a starting point of fans of dnb and other bass genres in the last decade. Now that his music … Continued

Listen to six new songs by Apparat

So the new Apparat album ‘The Devil’s Walk’. We covered this quiet a lot lately, didn’t we?! Yes, indeed! So without further ado: here are 6 new songs plus the three (‘Song of Los’, ‘Black Water’, ‘Ash / Black Veil’) you already know for you to listen to until we return with our in-depth review … Continued

KEPP’s sound dress plays music

Crossing fields of creativity can result in a very exciting outcome, especially if you are speaking about combining arts with fashion and technology based on a simple thing: sound. Budapest-based avant-garde fashion collective KEPP was founded two years ago, but have only recently received recognition for their exciting, creative approach where their vision extends beyond … Continued

Mongoose replaces funk with folk

The young Budapest-based producer Péter Koczák behind the Mongoose moniker is one of the first graduates of Hungary’s only electronic music school called ImPro. While studying he got involved with the local glitch-hop movement, which had a great inspiration on his new album We Drink Palinka that came out earlier this year at Dub FX’s … Continued

Apparat goes for a ‘Devil’s Walk’ with Mogwai

It comes with a bit of irony when it says “(we’re) losing our voices for the day” in Sascha Ring’s aka Apparat’s new song ‘Song of Los’ – when his new album itself seems to tell an epic story of death and evil. The track that was just released as a single together with remixes … Continued

Buraka Som Sistema second album on the way

Buraka Som Sistema have wrapped up the recording of the second album – Komba. Komba is an Angolan ritual which is held seven days after someone has died where friends and relatives gather to drink and eat the favourite foods of the departed and share stories. Written over the last 11 months following a lengthy … Continued

Street fashion in the house

Documenting street style is not a new idea, there’re hundreds of thousands of such blogs out there. But it might be surprising idea for contemporary museums in Eastern Europe to get involved in this process. Curator Ildikó Simonovics’ mission is to create a fashion archive for Museum Kiscell about what we see people wearing on … Continued

Here and now – cross-cultural stories

Printa, which houses a concept shop, gallery, silkscreen studio and a café, is one of Budapest’s most hyped places at the moment. It currently features a collective exhibition of seven artists from different countries with different cultural backgrounds. Titled “Here and Now” the show visualizes a unique and witty approach to the term cultural location … Continued

Failotron about chiptune and his new project

Failotron’s music embodies the absurdity of minimalistic electronic music, using various video game hardware, lo-fi instruments and unusual effects. Drawing influences from Talk Talk and Grails, Failotron (aka Áron Birtalan) is an expert in sampling abandoned video games, his daunting sounds having been used in both films and installations. The Hungarian chiptune expert took time … Continued

Apparat Band tours across Europe

It’s no big secret: Sascha Ring aka Apparat is an Electronic Beats regular – and this ain’t different with his new album ‘The Devil’s Walk’ which has been on heavy rotation at the EB office since the day the promo arrived. You also might remember the first album track ‘Ash/Black Veil’ (still available for free … Continued

Electronic Beats music swap

The first half of 2011 has already been very exciting for the Electronic Beats staff: we’ve been to SXSW festival in march, hosted EB festivals in Cologne, Budapest and Prague, brought our exclusive EB Soirées to Berlin, Graz and Cologne – and finally welcomed our shiny new website last week. But this isn’t the end … Continued