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Prague’s nineties clubbing images

Published on January 20, 2012 13:38 Berlin Time

Prague’s nineties clubbing images Following the tumultuous transformation at the end of eighties in post-communist countries – the so-called Ost Block – the newly democratic region was suddenly in a state of flux. Everything was changing rapidly, and an anything goes attitude was in the air. Prague, as some say, was at its best in the 90ties with its never-ending impromptu parties, DJs coming from Belgium and squatting the stately houses in the Old Town.

The burgeoning dance scene also found its way to the Czech capital. Its haven was the Radost FX club where the likes of Jeff Mills would play on any given Friday and Malcolm MacLaren would drop by. Robert Carrithers, a Prague-based New York photographer, has been a fixture on the Prague underground arts scene of that era (and for that matter, also the New York one a decade earlier, see his photos of Big Apple’s 80ties creative scene here) and managed to document the ephemeral nature of the times.

To view more images, visit the website of Robert Carrithers.