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Published on August 9, 2011 20:04 Berlin Time

Psychologist Psychologist is the alter ego of Iain Woods who makes bastard-future pop that is by turns delicate, vulnerable and utterly uncompromising. Currently releasing the second in a brace of E.P’s that have been released weeks apart but are conjoined like a musical puzzle, the enjoyment is to be found fusing the pieces to make one stunning whole.

Riding roughshod through waters currently occupied by the likes of Debukas, and Rudi Zygadlo, Woods’ skewed pop songs inject emotion and feeling into stone cold drums and omnipresent bass-lines. Performing recently with a 12 person choir, the choral-connections makes sense with an ethereal thread running through the two E.P’s ‘Waves of OK’ and ‘Propeller’ that make up ‘The Epidural Collection’. In fact ecclesiastical drama and theatre is one of touchstones on the ‘Propeller’ EP intercut with moments of minimalistic beauty and rude boy bass.

Channeling the spirit of David Lynch through scattergun clicks and a shirt tearing vocal performance on ‘Twin Peaks Disco’ – which you can download below made me realise that avant-garde explorations of ‘club’ music are rarely so rewarding. Have you seen a Psychologist recently? Perhaps it’s time you did.

Propeller EP by psychologistmusic