Pure Mood knows what kind of pills you need

Pure Mood knows what kind of pills you need I was tweeting back-and-forth with Supreme Cuts the other day when he sent me a link to a song called ‘Pills’. Naturally I clicked it immediately, and was treated to a weird, skittery little track by someone called Pure Mood. Chopped and stretched vocal samples over snapping 808s, a soaring, melancholy thug ambience lurking heavily. It’s fairly damn dank. His (?) other uploads are…okay; juke-influenced snippets that feel more like pieces of a song than a whole. But I’ve been jamming this one like crazy. I’m jamming it right now, in fact.

I don’t really know anything else about Pure Mood, other than that he/she hails from Chicago, land of other cool left-field juke like LiL JaBBA. Something in the water, I guess. Pop this Pill, tell your parole officer to fuck it and let the music ride.