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RISING – Crewdson

RISING - Crewdson

The once steady vessel named dubstep seemed to be heading for the rocks earlier this year. No compass, no captain, no safe haven. However, thanks to fresh directions from the likes of Mount Kimbie, Darkstar, Pariah and James Blake, the genre got back on course. To the rather poppy turn dubstep recently took, Hugh Jones aka Crewdson now blows some jazz and glitch into the vessel’s sails.

The combination of bass music and glitch has not been intentional though. “It’s just something that came out of the experimenting along the way,” states the South East London-based producer. “Glitch is a funny thing. I genuinely love the sounds of technology going horribly wrong, or at least sounding like it.” Armed with a portable microphone, Crewdson usually starts his productions with field recordings. “Without having a particular style or genre in mind, I record interesting sounds from my house or on my way to work or whatever and build from there.”

Born into a multi-instrumentalist family, Jones grew up playing the piano and the saxophone. After experimenting with Ska during his teens he got into electronic music relatively late. “Finding and falling in love with electronic music was an exciting moment for me. I just went off for bike rides on my own with a minidisc player and some headphones listening to drum and bass compilations and Underworld albums discovering a whole new realm of sonics. It was big!”

Recently, artists like Polar Bear, Grasscut and Four Tet were added to Hugh’s record collection. The latter’s influence can’t be missed on Crewdson’s debut EP Dust, which appeared on Slowfoot Records in December. But it’s not only Four Tet that comes to mind when listening to his music. Comparisons to Flying Lotus are totally valid as well. Add Apparat’s glitchy IDM and you’re there.

There is a LP to come next year, which according to the producer includes a variety in sound. “On the record are bits of my vocals, saxophone and homemade instruments. I am really excited about it…”

So am I. With his hybrid sound Crewdson certainly is one to watch in 2011. Ahoy!