Although still relatively new (outside the ADD-addled blogosphere anyway) the precocious quasi-genre Witch House has already broken and splintered into several distinct camps: the noisy and goth-obsessed, the barely-trying remixers, and the unapologetic pop worshippers. o F F is firmly in the latter camp. The project of Simon (1/2 of French duo oFF/GR†LLGR†LL and Gay Mormon Kissing Club), he retains the fragile melodies that characterized his past work while injecting his own pitch-shifted vocals that echo with the ghosts of half-forgotten R&B ballads.

After playing over a good chunk of Europe and collaborating live with a variety of friends including Kria Brekkan, he’s releasing his new EP S E C R E T on Disaro this month. Four minimalist tracks all voice the theme of love, but whether it’s new love or lost is left for the listener to decipher. Certainly the melodies aren’t upbeat, but nor are they depressive; love has two sides, and like R. Kelly crooning from the depths of a watery grave, Simon knows both play a big part in any true ballad. o F F has a secret to tell you.

Open your ears and listen: