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RJD2 Glows with new remix EP and LP

RJD2 Glows with new remix EP and LP

The man that kicked off the music for the ‘Mad Men’ phenomena, RJD2 is gearing up to release a new remix EP The Glow Remixes and a new LP. The title track, ‘The Glow’ comes from the original LP The Colossus which was released in 2010. Remixes on this EP come courtesy of Flosstradamus, UK producer Candy Panther, and remix contest winner Paolo Palazzo.

The EP will be accompanied by another release, a side project he has been working on called The Insane Warrior. It is a thorough exploration of, "soundtracks to 1970s and 80s horror and sci-fi films". The exploration will culminate in a release titled We Are The Doorways.

You can hear one of the tracks from the all-instrumental affair ‘The Water Wheel’ right here.

The Remix EP The Glow Remixes is available right now at Bandcamp; We Are The Doorways will be released on February 1st.

All releases will be via RJD2’s own label, which we reported on already Electrical Connections.