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Roba (To Die For)

Published on October 25, 2011 12:28 Berlin Time

Roba (To Die For) Independent fashion brand ROBA has just launched its most interesting collection yet thanks to Branka Š?epanovi?, the woman behind the name which in Croatian means just ‘stuff’. Branka started making clothes back in 2007 with an entirely self-motivated intention: she just wanted some well-tailored clothes that would fit her perfectly. “I always start from myself…what I want to wear, then how I see my friends, than how I see other people I like. But high quality is an imperative”, the designer explains.

Using ultra-soft leather and her talent for tailoring, ROBA soon became one of the most well-known indie fashion brands inside Croatia and beyond: Vogue Italia mentiond the brand as one to watch in 2011. Which we did. To Die For is out now. Take a look.