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Scuba drops house on Aus as SCB

Published on February 24, 2011 15:01 Berlin Time
Scuba drops house on Aus as SCB

Hotflush Recordings head honcho Scuba is preparing for the release of his forthcoming 12” on Will Saul’s Aus Music (for those of you who missed it, here is a link to our interview with Saul).

We don’t usually report on 12” but this is a special exception as it is a release from Scuba under his SCB pseudonym and is straight up house music. In fact, dare we say it but it is almost funky house music.

It is a rare diversion from Scuba’s usual bass-heavy, futuristic takes on the ever-changing dubstep sound, but it does not disappoint one bit.

SCB’s Loss/FutureUnknown is the first original SCB material to surface outside of Rose’s own circle of labels. As the press release tells us: ”’Loss’, with its spacey melodies and repeating vocal slices, builds and builds into a slice of pure unadulterated dancefloor joy, very much in keeping with the musical territory occupied by Aus at the moment. On the flip side, ‘Future Unknown’, fills out the atmospherics with dark stabs and driving rhythms which eventually give way to an almost Scuba-esque brand of floating euphoria.”

Loss/FutureUnknown will be available via Aus Music from 21st March.