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Seiji offers more free Goodies

Seiji offers more free Goodies

Seiji is not only the man but also a king gent indeed. He has been giving away lots of free “Goodies” on his website including exclusive remixes, edits and podcasts.

Now the London based producer has just released another one of his goodies – ‘Whisky’, a fine example of just why he has been at he forefront of the bass movement since it’s inception.

Whilst you are there, be sure to spend some time picking up the some other free “Goodies” – look out for ‘Aqua Riddim’, ‘Tumbledown’ and ‘Dance With Me’, which are all top drawer tunes that we would be happy to pay for – but we don’t have to because they are free.

We guess it’s not so secret anymore, but the good stuff should be shared.