10 x 4 – Shaun J. Wright

10 x  4 - Shaun J. Wright  Shaun J. Wright is the current singer of Andy Butler’s disco-charged dance fraternity Hercules and Love Affair. Bearing a striking (some would say uncanny) resemblance to Sylvester, he of ‘You make me Feel (mighty real)’ fame, Shaun has managed to find time in his busy schedule to not only pen a killer 12″ of of sleazy deep-disco house called ‘Forever More’ – released on Butler’s Mr International imprint – he has also found the time to go through 10 x 4 questions for Electronic Beats.

Favourite part of the day to create?

Late in the evening is when I feel most creative. But it’s really when I’m cleaning my house or washing the dishes that I have the most creative moments. I can usually write entire songs while doing laundry.

Method or madness?

Methodical madness would probably be most accurate. I like a bit of order mixed in with spontaneity. Go in with a plan, let it evolve and it will be born anew.

Most influential person?

My mother in every way. She’s a diligent, creative and inspiring person. And she’s very patient which I respect alot.

First musical love?

Cajmere and all of his output on Cajual/Relief back in the early 90’s. It really was the soundtrack of my adolescence and it was through those labesl that I started to cultivate my own aesthetic and understanding of music.

Last musical love?

Rachelle Ferrell is the most captivating performer that I have ever had the pleasure to witness. Her fearlesness and capacity as a vocalist is magical.

One thing you cannot live with out?

Cocoa Butter lip balm. I keep it near me at all times. My lips suffer if I go to long without using some.

One thing you would live without if you could?

Cocoa Butter lip balm. I hate being that dependent on anything.

Favourite instrument?

I’ve studied West African dance forms for about a decade and a half so no other instrument moves me like the sound of djembe drums. I hear a djembe and immediately my heart begans to race.

Your biggest break so far?

Having the opportunity to partake in Hercules and Love Affair has been an incredible experience, especially since I wasn’t actively pursuing a career in music when I met Andy.

Eureka moment?

Probably the moment that I walked away from my first conversation with Andy Butler. It was an afterparty for the Hercules show in NYC where we met in 2008. Although I had been writing songs for many years for myself, I wouldn’t easily share my music or aspirations with anyone. That night I realized that I would and could finally embrace my dreams.

Biggest surprise?
Too many to count

Biggest disappointment?

Sex & The City 2. I was a big, big, big fan of the series. After watching the movie sequel I find it difficult to watch the original shows. It really was that bad.

Love of your life?


Secret tip?

Undconditional love and gratitude provide endless joy.

Favourite Tumblr?

http://omgregory.tumblr.com/ . It belongs to Gregory Alexander, the hostess with the most at A Club Called Rhonda in Los Angeles. It is arguably one of the best party nights I have ever attended.

A place to create?

My favorite place to create is at my kitchen sink washing dishes while looking out the window. I know it might sound odd but I daydream so easily there and lyrics begin to come alive.

Last thing that inspired you?

I couldn’t honestly answer that. I feel some sort of inspiration everyday

Forever More (Clean Version) MSTR by casio1988