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Some Visky?

Published on February 7, 2012 13:02 Berlin Time

Some Visky? Prague’s buoyant nightlife of the 90s when international DJs and dance music stars flocked to the Czech capital by dozens has somehow waned since the turn of the millennium. Quality dance music has been mostly centered on the small houseboat Bukanýr and the city’s voluminous scene has shrunk somewhat, but this doesn’t stop enthusiasts from building something new.

Visky Recordings arrived on the scene without much hubbub last year, releasing vinyl records and orienting itself on dancefloor-friendly tunes. “Visky Recordings is a Prague based label reflecting the love for house and good records,” they claim. Following their debut EP by Boris Hotton, a mellifluous and melodic house offering which dipped in dubby territories, the Visky crew is back in Spring with another wax – Paskal & Urban Absolutes’s EP Our Smile In Your Face featuring a classic house remix by Farside’s Henry L.

Paskal & Urban Absolutes‘s Our Smile In Your Face is out on 1 March.