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Soul Clap have got EFUNK

Published on February 9, 2012 16:10 Berlin Time

Boston party starters and master of the slow jam Soul Clap have revealed details of their debut album to be released via Wolf+Lamb.

EFUNK (Everybody’s Freaky Under Nature’s Kingdom) is made up of strictly original tracks and won’t feature any edits or remixes which the duo have become best known for over the last couple of years. In fact Soul Clap told RA that EFUNK is not even going to be a dance record; “..we wanted it to be something we would have put on in high school while we were chilling with homies, cutting class or trying to kick it to a chick…” Strongly connected to the Wolf+Lamb extended family, it is no surprise to see the likes of Baby Prince, aka Gadi Mizrahi, Jules Born and Greg Paulus all making guest appearances. What is a surprise is Mel Blatt of All Saints who pops up on a track called ‘Ecstasy’. The mind truly boggles…


01. EFunk Intro
02. Take It Slow feat. Franceska
03. The Alezby Inn feat. The Genevan Heathen
04. Let It Go feat Roldy Cezaire
05. When the Soul Claps feat. Lazarus Man
06. Lets Groove On feat. Jules Born
07. Ecstacy feat. Mel Blatt
08. Clapping Song feat. Baby Prince & The Fam
09. Trouble Trouble Trouble
10. Walk with a Clap
11. Need Your Lovin feat Mel Blatt
12. Islands in Space Part 1
13. Islands in Space Part 2 feat. Greg Paulus