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Spirit Animals

Spirit Animals

Julian Callos, graduate of the Otis College of Art & Design in LA, made this sweet bunch of very lively Spirit Animal Sculptures.

We’re not entirely sure what they are made out of and they are not even for sale, but we are sure if you ask Julian who also is an absolutely amazing illustrator ( that contributes to LA Weekly on a regular basis, he might reconsider.

On his Society6 profile Julian states: “I wanted to give something special to some friends of mine this past Christmas, so I decided on some hand-made gifts. We have our own "tribe" and each person has a spirit animal, so I made everyone a sculpture of his or her spirit animal. It was a total labour of love and I’m super excited to share with everybody!“

You can check out the whole animal gang here. Our favourites are the ducking black fox, the twisted weasel and the crow.

Published January 31, 2011.