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Star Eyes’ ‘The Night’ remixed by Deathface

Star Eyes' 'The Night' remixed by Deathface Trouble & Bass is one of those labels that consistently makes our jaws drop, and today was no exception. When we saw the words ‘Star Eyes‘ and ‘Deathface‘ in the same sentence, we knew we were going to be slamming our heads like crazy (or at least internally; our coworkers tend to get confused if we just start wailing on our bodies in the middle of the office….sorry guys, kids just wanna have fun.) The two T&B producers are amongst our favorite current electronic musicians, and Deathface’s jagged, raw remix of the beautiful floorkiller ‘The Night’ just proves that these two really need to collaborate again soon. Download it here and get ready to thrash.

Published November 15, 2011.