Stimming likes Liquorice

Stimming likes Liquorice

Diynamic Music have announced the details of Stimming’s forthcoming album Liqourice which we recently reported on when music from the album was used as part of an audio-visual installation.

You may be surprised to hear the album is anything but a 4×4 house album. Largely made up of productions that began as field recording and now have formed the basis of this far more experimental album than any of Stimming’s previous efforts.

Of the album and its title, Stimming say’s "I called it Liquorice because I simply love real Liquorice sweets (all kinds actually), and I have realized that it’s something someone loves or hates. There’s not much middle ground, and there were probably 50% who like it and the others don’t."


01. Cold Water
02. My Lonesome Drumset
03. Trashcan
04. Cooking Coffee
05. On a Grey Day
06. January, Second
07. Marble Run
08. No Strings Attached
09. Black Caramel
10. Don’t Touch This
11. Time to Leave
12. Me Against the Bitch
13. The Train

Diynamic will release Liqourice on March 28th on Diynamic.