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Stream David Lynch’s new mixtape

Stream David Lynch's new mixtape Ever the gentleman weirdo, David Lynch is not only giving us a beautiful new album this year; he’s also just released a mixtape. Mmm…it’s sentences like that that really make us love reality. The director has collaborated with engineer ‘Big’ Dean Hurley on a collection of tracks for The Stool Pigeon, and it’s as hauntingly lovely as you’d expect.

Oozing with the sort of bluesy lounge melancholia that permeates most of his directorial work, the mixtape includes contemporary artists like James Blake and The Kills, but it’s the desperate, faded Americana of Conway Twitty and Elvis that do it for us. The mix closes with the heavenly pleasures of This Mortal Coil‘s ‘Song To The Siren’, long a favorite of Lynch. To be listened to in a dark room, through clouds of cigarette smoke.

Published November 04, 2011.