Stream Joe Goddard remix of T-E-E-D

Stream Joe Goddard remix of T-E-E-D T-E-E-D – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. Not only is that probably one of the best production monikers we have ever heard, TEED, also makes some pretty amazing music. Even though he recently sold his soul to the devil, i.e he signed to a major label – Polydor no less, his move to the ‘potential’ mainstream has not diminished his abilty to craft a cheeky pop song with enough muscle to make it work in the club. His next single is ‘Garden’ and as well as whole host of re-mixers including Hackman and Soul Clap, Joe Goddard of Hot Chip – long associated with TEED through the Greco Roman record label has taken a stab at reworking ‘Garden’. You can listen to the results below.

Garden (Joe Goddard remix) by T-E-E-D