Henrik Schwarz to release four albums in 2011

Henrik Schwarz to release four albums in 2011

German producer Henrik Schwarz recently told the online Australian record store Spank! that he will be putting out four seperate albums this year. Ironically it’s been four years of silence on the release front, his last release, the incomparable DJ-Kicks mix in 2006, which still rates as one of the best of the K7! series.

Now Schwarz has turned prolific, working with Âme, Dixon and Bugge Wesseltoft, on top of completing his solo album. We’re assured this year will be one of Schwarz’s finest.

He told Spank! :

"My solo album is half finished but won’t be near completion until Autumn. I have an album finished with Bugge Wesseltoft ready for release. I have 9 written scores from my pieces ready to be recorded by a 9 piece classic ensemble by end of next month! That will be another album called Henrik Schwarz Instruments ready by summer. Ah yes and I forgot to mention – I also wrote and played a filmscore with Âme and Dixon that is also ready for release called A Critical Mass presents Das Cabinet Des Doktor Calidgari. So in a way there were 4 years of no albums but now we have 4 albums in one year. Not sure if that’s good or not but it should be exciting listening none-the-less."

On a side note, after seeing Schwarz last night at Sydney’s famous Beck Bar, you can rest assured that Schwarz still has the goods in every way. He played this tune last night and the crowd totally erupted.

Omar Feat. Stevie Wonder – Feeling You (Henrik Schwarz Mix)

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