New Bibio video

New Bibio video

A couple of weeks ago we reported on news of the new Bibio album Mind Bokeh coming on Warp late February.

We are now delighted to showcase the new video from the artist, who in 2009 released one the best albums of the year with his seminal Ambivalence Avenue.

Check the new video:

Mind Bokeh will be released March 28th in the US and April 4th in Europe and the rest of the world via Warp.Look out for our review in the next Electronic Beats Magazine.


1. Excuses
2. Pretentious
3. Anything New
4. Wake Up!
5. Light Seep
6. Take Off Your Shirt
7. Artists’ Valley
8. K is for Kelson
9. Mind Bokeh
10. More Excuses
11. Feminine Eye
12. Saint Christopher

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